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deviants need your help, please read these journals. 

14 deviants said A request...As many of you know, I play percussion in a local community brass band. We recently made history when we competed in the Regional Championships and won our section -- then later on in the day, our Intermediate band (which is mainly made up of young players and people returning to playing after a long break) competed and won their section too. This is a unique achievement in the history of banding and we're really excited by it. 
Winning the Regionals means we have been invited down to Cheltenham, in England, to play at the Nationals in September. The Senior band are also competing a the European Championships in May this year, which is a huge accolade for us. 
Attending the Nationals is going to cost in excess of £9000, and therefore it's a mammoth fundraising task for us - but we are determined to do it. I've set up a fundraising page for the band for anyone who wants to support us reaching such a prestigious event. If you want to be part of such a unique event in the
Money Crisis: Selling LOTS of DevWear and DevGear:wave: Why hello everyone! I have seem to run into a pretty major financial wall, and I really really need help recovering from it. For anyone who I may have talked to, things have gotten kinda slow at my work, and I am not working nearly as many hours as I used to. Work less hours, bring home less money.
Sadly though, my bills have stayed the same. :noes: And now I am in danger of running out of money. So, I decided to swallow my pride, and sell off a good chunk of my devwear and gear. As you'll notice below, the list is quite long. I mean long. :lol: I have been collecting these items since 2006. So some of them are really old, some of from devwear's last days.
It really breaks my heart to part with a lot of these items. I love dA, I always have, and I always will. But sadly, my reality is that I need money, I need it as fast as I can get it, and this may be one of the ways to do so. Please help me. :noes: 
The sizes of clothing are all specified, so be sure to read what they ar

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