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August 4, 2012


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Sat Aug 4, 2012, 7:12 AM

Better Late than NaNano - VPNaNoEmoThe fun begins August 1st!!
Last year we ran a special NaNoEmo in June.  It was solely for Visual Purpose Emoticons. What does that mean? It means emoticons that are created to look at, not for use in chats or comments. Basically, pretty emoticon pictures. However, visual emotes can also include useful things like icons, stamps, etc. The key is that care is taken to create an emoticon "scene", usually with a detailed background.
I am gonna defer to the journal written last year by Synfull. It outlines what the challenge is about and how to participate. The good thing about VP NaNoEmo is that the goal is not one-a-day, but one-a-week, and smaller emote scenes (like avatars) count. So, get boned up, and if you're ready to participate, sign up.
Note that I know we're 2 months late, and notice of this is really last minute. My apologies. However, NaNo has always been a big motivator in the emoticon community and I hope it inspires a few old-timers, and newcomers, t
    A Wild Challenge Appears!I'd like to propose a challenge to the emoticon community: a 256x256 "high definition" emoticon. What does it look like? What style is it? Is it pixellized? Vectorized? Drawn?
Entries to this challenge should be submitted to the Visual Purpose Gallery, and then will be collected here.
Due Date: September 1st, 2014, 23:59 MDT (-06:00).
At the end of the challenge period, I'll post a poll (or journal) where members can vote for their favourites. The voting period will be two (2) weeks, and will end September 15th, 2014, 23:59 MDT (-06:00).
First Place: 6 months premium membership (or 1272 points :points:).
Second Place: 3 months premium membership (or 636 points :points:).
Third Place: 1 month premium membership (or 396 points :points:).
No one deviant can win more t
    August Emoticon Challenge- SUPPORT! It's here!
Welcome to Emotiholics' 1st ever Emoticon Challenge! This month's theme is....
Here's how it's gonna go down (rules)
All entries must in some way fit the theme. They can be as strictly or loosely interpreted as you want, just so long as you can explain the relevance to me if I don't get it :XD:
All entries must be made/submitted to the group contest folder on or after the contest start (August 4th, 2014) and before the contest end (August 31st at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time, UTC -5:00)
That being said, you must be a member of Emotiholics. All requests are auto-accepted. think happy 
     Emoticon Challenge?It appears our community is dying.
There. I said it. Between the smothering deluge of 'plz emoticons' invading our gallery and the giant lack of community spirit, the emoticons category seems to be dying, and fast. I myself don't think I've made more than 2 emotes since TheEMTC died in April. We need something, some prompt, to rekindle us. Maybe it's a shot in the dark, but it's worth trying.
So.... what are you gonna do about it?
I'm getting there, I'm getting there. I was thinking of hosting an emoticon challenge every week (or month, depending on what you guys feel would be best). No prizes, no pressure, just a prompt to keep our gears grinding, so to speak. But I need your support. After all, what's the point if no one wants to participate?
So what can I do?
:beerla: Promote, promote, promote! Nothing's gonna happen if no word gets around! 
       HUGE Summer Contest with Up To $200 in Art Prizes!July can be pretty hot and muggy here, and the same goes for August. So, we're doing something a little different. Muggy! is the theme for the rest of Summer (through August), and there are two ways to win something!
First, show me your emote enjoying (or enduring) the Summer heat. I'll pick three winners with prizes being $60, $35, and $20 worth of art for 1st, 2nd and 3rd!!
Second, make an emoticon mug! Use your drawing skills (doesn't need to be pixel) to create a "I Love Emoticons" mug! I'll select up to 10 entries for which the artist will receive a mug with their entry on it!

A few things to keep in mind: :faq132: :happybounce:
Mug                                                   Minimum          Excellent
Small (11oz) 8.25x3.25    20x8
      Emoticon ContestHey fello Deviants,
There is a new Emoticon Contest happening over at They want a whooole new set of emoticons designed. You can win an Artrift Tablet, find out more over at the contest page: Artrift Emoticon Contest
Letter U vs. ScepticalThis month emoticon battle is out now the letter U emoticon fight vs. the sceptical emoticon. Till end of August you've time to choose your favorite emoticon.
I really hope everyone is fine! Keep on smiling...


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