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Submitted on
January 17, 2013


2 (who?)

Want a Critique?

Thu Jan 17, 2013, 4:30 AM
But it's only for Emoticonists. Everybody else can link their Art as well but don't expect a comment from me. Um by LittleAlienGirl
You can share 1-2 deviations but they can't be older than 6 months.  


The deviations will be added in these boxes

Spelunking Emote Scene
 Spelunking Emote Scene by bubbIies  

ESS 2012 - Something bright...
ESS 2012 - Something bright... by MafiaVamp

ESS 2012 - Something square...
ESS 2012 - Something square... by MafiaVamp

Birth of Athena
by Xanderpus

Super OPUS
by Xanderpus
Super OPUS by Xanderpus

EmoticonOpus :: Just the Average Superhero
EmoticonOpus :: Just the Average Superhero by bubbIies

    warm. by may-flower-smile  

dog paw.
      dog paw. by may-flower-smile      

Epic unicorn freak-out!
      Epic unicorn freak-out! by Eightence    

Emma Watson Study: Final Step
by   shosansharma  
    Emma Watson Study: Final Step by shosansharma  



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shosansharma Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You are an awesome deviant :D. Not emoticons but I am into traditional paintings. If you are interested, here is one of Emma Watson - [link]. Hope you like it :D :hug: I also have a time-lapse vid of this painting, here - [link]
I have to say that I think that it is more a drawing instead of a painting therefore it should be under traditional Art - Drawings - Portraits & Figures ;D

It looks amazing, I love how you did the hair and the eyes :boogie:

I always had trouble with drawing hair :lol:
shosansharma Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You are a lovely artist. :hug: It was about same amount of oil painting and graphite work, so you are also right. I prefered it to be in painting thinking that a major visible area - hair and shading on face - were painted and not drawn. Thank you so much for taking time and commenting on this work. You are an awesome person. :D
Eightence Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey :squee: Big fan of you here! :nuu:
So, I was wondering if you could critique this [link]

Sorry for bad art, I just started my emoticon journey :woohoo:
I am a bit busy at the moment but I will write as soon as i have more time :hug:
I love emoticons! :D These ones are great!

I'm more into photography but if you want, I can post my latest work here?
I am not interested in photography but you can post your work here, I will feature it :dummy:
awww, really? thank youuu! that's sweet of you. :aww:

I'll just post three of them. Hope that's okay. Thank youuuu! :aww:

:thumb347285177: :thumb344731227: :thumb334234208:
I added 2 of them :boogie:
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