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November 30, 2010


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We have learned how to use emoticons on the official way, but there is also a way where you don't have to wait and pray that your favourite Emoticon gets added to the Legend!

The unofficial way to use Emoticons is to create a Plz account.

I will now explain what it is and how it works:

A Plz account is a normal Account that you have created, but most of the time the name ends with a 'plz'!
Plz accounts are not only created to display Emoticons, they can also display other Images.
There is a page where you can find more than 20000 of them, it is:


A few things are important when you create a Plz-account!

  1. Ask the owner/creator of the Emoticon for the permission to create a Plz account! Because some Emoticonists don't want that their Emoticons are used without permission and the Plz account could get banned if the Icon won't get removed!
  2. If you have the permission of the creator, you have to check if the emoticon don't has a Plz account already (test similar names for the account and look if it has the same icon).
    You have to check if the Emoticon isn't too big for the icon, the size has to be smaller than 15 kb and it has to be smaller than 50x50px!
    Most of the Emoticons are much smaller than 50x50px then you have to adjust the Emoticon (make the "canvas" bigger) that you can use it as an Icon.
    If you have some knowledge about editing Animations and you know what you have to do, go to the next step!
    If you are new to create Plz accounts and to edit animations, you should definitely ask somebody who has created Plz accounts with emotes already, it is the best way not to destroy the animation :aww:
      (but this could also happen to experienced Plz-account creators :paranoid:)
  3. The next step is to check if the desired name is still available, because most of the time other deviants have used the name already :
    And don't forget to add plz at the end of the name, it is the reason why they are called plz account ;D
    Try to use a simple name, because you have to remember the name when you want to add it to a comment :giggle:
  4. Creating the Account:
    You have to log-out of your current Account!
    You should know where you can create a new Account (if you can't remember: Go to the main Page and click on 'Deviant Login', there you will see ' Join deviantART for FREE' Click that :B  and it is also on the top-right of the main page!)

    Insert the name of the Account and (remember to make sure that the name is still available and that the name fits to the icon xD), choose the Password and a "real name" (I always type  ' ... ')
    Now the email address, this can be tricky!
    If you are creating your first Plz account and you don't have other Accounts (except of your main Account) you can use the email address which you have used to create the main Account! (You can create up to 3 Accounts with one email address)!
    If you plan to create more than 1 Plz account or you already have used your email to create 3 Accounts, you should create a Gmail/Googlemail account, because if your email is ''  you can also use  ''   it will arrives on the same account :eyes:
    Insert the other information, that are need to create the Account.
  5. This step is also important and most deviants forget it :C
    After you have created the Account you have to change the icon to the Emoticon-avatar, most deviants think that it is everything that you have to do and switch to their main account again, but I will tell you what you really have to do:
    Add the original Emoticon to the favourites of the Plz account, then you should reorganize the Userpage by clicking 'Edit Page'!
    Remove everything except the Favourites and the deviant ID, now you have to edit the deviant ID and "explain" how the icon can be used, you just have to write ':iconnameoftheiconplz: :icon<b></b>nameoftheiconplz:   (with the <b></b>) so the deviants who visit the page just have to copy the text ^___^
  6. Now the last step:
    Go to helpplz and add your icon to the page :dummy:

That is everything you have to do to create a Plz account :aww:

Thanks for reading :dummy:
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AxlRosie Mar 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's my contribution~! :giggle:
but it isn't an Emoticon ;D :lol:
AxlRosie Mar 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
But but but it's a plz account~ ;u;'
but this article was part of the Project Educate week for the Emoticons gallery :giggle: and it focused on how you create Emoticon-related plz accounts :eyes:
AxlRosie Mar 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my, I see it now!
I was reading to this article which linked to here~
I was going to post my plz on that article and got confused! :giggle:

I'm sorry about that. ^^;
:hug: that's not a problem :glomp:
AxlRosie Mar 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:aww: :hug:
Mailinator and other such services are easier than repeatedly making new email accounts to use.
I never heard of "Mailinator" :lol:
It's a dropoff email service.

Basically, you can make an email of any name, without having to register, and you can get registration emails and the like sent there.

Originally designed to help prevent spam from reaching your inbox, people use fake emails like that for forums and the like.

Downside is that anyone can read the emails, so it's best not to use it for anything confidential.
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