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Submitted on
February 3, 2012


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  GUYS!!! We have a new Emoticon CV :iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedplz:

It's stuck-in-suburbia :iconeeeeeplz:

All those  who have entered have to update their Entry with the OC of her :heart:
Her OC: Emote OC - SiS by stuck-in-suburbia

I thought it would be nice to create welcoming gifts for the next Emoticon CV. :love:
The goal of this project is to  show that we fully support the next emoticon community volunteer, no matter who it will be.  
All you have to do is to create an Emoticon that shows what the next cv could need,  a bucket full of love or something completely different ;D
if you want to you could display the emote version of the next emote cv as a black emote with a questionmark and as soon as we know who the next emote cv will be, we change it to his/her oc.  

entry for - gifts for the next cv project by Krissi001   Bucket Full Of Love by pixiepot Gift for next emote cv by Nice-Spice CV Support by happy-gurl    CV Support - Knowledge by Sailor-Pikmin  CV Gift: Ideas! by Quolia   fancy hat by I-is-smart  Acception by litecrush  Emote CV support by Ricsmond  Positive Energy by a-kid-at-heart  :thumb286437801: A Gift for the next Emote CV by Snowshi A Welcoming Cupcake by ravenfire-1 CV Support Updated by GreenPuffball  CV Gift - Love by JeanaWei

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dynamicability Feb 29, 2012
cool, for me i'm using animation for entry :(
GreenPuffball Feb 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
G-ball's gift ^^; [link] :lol:
i wish i would have received sticks when i became the CV :giggle:
GreenPuffball Feb 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
wait here :D i'll give you some xD :D *gathers sticks* xD
ravenfire-1 Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here's my gift [link]
:happybounce: Here's the [link] to my entry!
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