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Emotiviews 9 - Interview with =Lushbob

Thu Nov 24, 2011, 10:24 AM

Welcome to a new Edition of Emotiviews!  
The interviewee of this edition is:

:iconcheerplz: :iconlushbob:  Lushbob    :iconlushbob: :iconcheerplz:

  opening words of the Artist: 

 I just want to say thanks a lot for the interview! :D 

:hover: by Lushbob 

1. Programs of choice for emoting?
I originally used Photoshop, but the trial period ran out. :lol: So, now I use Paint.NET. It’s really user-friendly, and it’s free! Although, when I animate emotes, I animate them in the GIMP.

Pixelate: Vectormote by Lushbob 

2. What is your favorite legend emote?
Well. That’s a hard one. I have quite a few favourites. I’d say the ones I love the most are :lol: and :happybounce:. Maybe a few others. But they’re probably the ones I use most often, as well. :giggle:

Birthday Collab by Lushbob 

3. How important is shading/size/colour in emotes?
I’ll go through these one by one. I think shading is really important; it helps to create a unique style of emote that an artist can be recognised by. Also, if your emote just looks flat, it’s not really going to have the same effect as a perfectly shaded orb, is it? The size is a bit of a different matter, I think. I mean. The most common size is 15x15px, although some prefer 16x16px. And I guess we include giant emotes? Because between  15x15px and 16x16px, there’s not so much difference. Whereas, if you want to make a big impact, then a giant emote could do the trick. I’m not too sure. :shrug: The colour doesn’t really matter, I don’t think. Although it’s common to use, for example, blue for sad, and red for angry etc., I think it doesn’t really matter what colour the emote is.

:spotlight: by Lushbob 

4. Have you told people in real life about your emotes?
I’ve told my family in pretty sketchy terms, and any real life friends of mine who use dA will know, I’m sure. But apart from that, I’ve only told a few, all of which have given me rather confused and odd looks. :lol:

Fella the Gate Crasher by Lushbob 

5. Who or what was your main reason / biggest motivation for making emotes? And what makes you want to be an Emoticonist?
I’d say the people who were big motivations for me were people like CookiemagiK, Droneguard, Krissi001 and Mirz123, among others. If you’re looking for a reason, it was because I was bored one day in the summer, and though I’d check out some tutorials for these amusing little spheres. I guess it just kind of, expanded from there.

America by Lushbob 

6. What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses as an emoticonist? Is there anything you've consciously worked to improve? If so, how?
My strengths... I think my shading isn’t too shocking, although I’ve been meaning to make it better. And I really love my eye style (Which I just happen to share with Kyramy (we actually independently came up with the idea! Crazy.)). My weaknesses. Well, where to start? :B I find that I can’t really dither very well at all, or any kind of pixelled background for my emotes. And I can’t seem to show expressions very subtly; I usually rely on large grins and other such obvious expressions. I’ve tried to use more subtle techniques, but they never seem to work. :grump:

Good Night by Lushbob 

7. If you had to live for a day as an emote, would you hate yourself for the torture and abuse you put them through?
I actually think I’ve been quite nice to my emotes. The worst I’ve done is an emote being struck by lightning. Well, apart from a dead emote that I did once. :XD: But yeah, I think I’ve been quite nice to my emotes. 

:fella: by Lushbob 

8. What do you think is the most fun part when you make emotes? 
I think the most fun part when making an emote is seeing it develop from a few well-placed pixels to a fully formed little emote with expressions and everything. It’s quite a nice feeling.

Lightning by Lushbob 

9. How long does a simple/complex or animated/still piece take?
Uh. Depending on the actual emote, a simple one could be from 5-15 minutes (roughly), and a complex could be anywhere up to like. An hour or more, depending on its specific complexity. If it’s animated... add about half an hour onto those times. :blush:

:bowtiehighfive: by Lushbob 

10. If you had to convince someone to become an emoticonist, what would you say?    
  ...I’m not too sure. I’d probably go into to details about how fulfilling it is to finish an emote and post it on dA. And then stuff about how awesome the community is.

The Classics by Lushbob 

11. What are the things that you don't like about the Emoticon Community and what things would you change if you had the power to do it?   
  I actually really love the Emoticon Community. Ignoring little blips in the tightness of our community, I think we’re probably the most tight-knit community on dA. I know most of the more popular emoticonists, or at least know of them. And when I first started, it was great to see emotes posted around the place, and I’d already recognise their usernames. It was certainly a good feeling; you immediately feel welcome. I can't really think of a problem off the top of my head. So, uh. Well done, guys! :thumbsup:

Happy Birthday xP by Lushbob 

12. Do you think the popularity of an emoticon depends on its idea or just how pretty/shiny/bouncy it is?
  I think it’s a bit of both, although tipped a bit more towards its appearance. A great idea that’s really well executed would be really popular, whereas a great idea that’s been very poorly executed won’t be as popular. On the other hand, a very simple idea that has been perfectly executed could still be very popular.

:rainbow: by Lushbob 

13. If there was one person (on dA) who you could watch (educationally, of course) as they work without them knowing, who would you pick? 
I think it’d have to say Indae. I adore her shading, and she always comes up with the most amazing ideas. It’d be great to be able to watch her work.

Monster Attack by Lushbob 

14. What would you say to those people who argue that emoticons are not art?    
Well, I’d just say that they’re being ignorant. Emotes need all the same things that other art needs; dedication, emotion, skill and feeling, amongst other things. The only difference is that an emote is pretty small, and might not be as immediately impressive as another form of art. But by no means does that make it not a form of art. :no:

O_O by Lushbob 

15. Which emoticon in your gallery is your best work? Why?
  :cough: I’m going to have to be a little narcissistic here, and say that there are a couple. I’m proud of Cheering Muffin Up, as I think I executed a simple idea quite well, and they both just look so cute. But then I also love :blank: Revamp and :B Revamp because I’m really pleased with how I put my own spin on some of the legend emotes that I love.

Laptop by Lushbob 

16. What emote do you wish you could use in real life?

It’d have to be :slow:; I have quite a lot of slow moments. :XD:

._. by Lushbob 

17. Was there ever a point in your emote making where you went on hiatus? If so, what brought you back?
  Not really. Although, as it happens, I might be about to go on one. Just because it’s pretty busy for me in real life at the moment. The thing that’ll bring me back will be time! I just need to get through all the busy things.

Ignored by Lushbob 

18. What do you like most about the emoticon community?      

 I love how it’s such a close community; everyone seems to know each other. :love:

Medieval Pixelling by Lushbob 

19. Which emoticon group do you use most? / Support most?
Um. There isn’t really any that I use that much, or support much either. Lately, I haven’t submitted any of my emotes to groups. I guess I should start. :lol:

Happy Birthday :P by Lushbob 

20. In the past decade we've gone from plain text colons and parentheses to intricately designed graphics. Where do you think emotes will be 10 years from now?     
3D holographic emotes! :eager: They’ll literally come out of your screen, and mess about on your desk/table/placement of preference for your computer. And you’ll be able to hold them and squeeze them. It’ll be awesome. :squee: 

Snow Scene by Lushbob 

  Anything else you want to say?  

Thanks again for the interview, and I hope my answers weren’t too boring! :shifty: 

Helmet by Lushbob 

Thank you very much for reading! :heart:

"See" you next time ;D

and now a huge thanks to the deviants who suggested these Questions to me:  :huggle:

1.Mirz123, 2.EastSideSunsets, 3.angelStained, 4.SanguineEpitaph,  5.litecrush, 5.hazlenutx2,  
6.dirtypaintbrush,  7.stuck-in-suburbia, 8.IceXDragon, 9.eon-krate32, 10.TheGroovyMurphy,
11. / ,    12.stuck-in-suburbia, 13.stuck-in-suburbia, 14.KatataEtc, 15.KinnisonArc,
16.SparklyDest,  17.litecrush, 18.Indae, 19.Indae, 20.dirtypaintbrush

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