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Submitted on
September 22, 2011


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The interviewee of this edition is:

:iconcheerplz: :iconphlum: Phlum    :iconphlum:  :iconcheerplz:


opening words of the Artist:
"  :iconwavesplz: Hello! Or good mornafterning, if you prefer ¬3¬

that plz should totally replace :wave:.


1. Programs of choice for emoting?
   I use The Gimp, because I'm cheap. :eyes: And also because I don't really get along with Photoshop.  

A Day In The Life Of Flump by Phlum

2. What is your favorite legend emote?
Ooh, tricky. Possibly :stinkeye: though the one I (over)use a lot is :shifty:  

43 - On Board by Phlum

3. How important is shading/size/colour in emotes? ?
   Well. Put it this way: without shading, all emotes would look like pieces of paper. Colour is rather necessary to get the expression of the emote across - for example, you wouldn't make a sad emote bright yellow or pink, but you'd make it blue or possibly grey. And size totally matters, for the reason that if emotes fluctuated in size then they wouldn't be particularly handy in comments. It'd just look bizarre.  

200 Deviations Icon by Phlum

4. Have you told people in real life about your emotes?
  ...sorta. I don't make a bit fuss over it but I don't mind people watching.

03 FAIL by Phlum

5. Who or what was your main reason / biggest motivation for making emotes? And what makes you want to be an Emoticonist?
   The answer to both those questions is largely due to the community. We're a tight bunch. I haven't actually seen any other community as close as we are - and I have seen rather a lot.
Another reason is that I simply love the artform. It's amazing how impressive what is effectively a little blob can turn out.  

Out in the elements by Phlum

6. What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses as an emoticonist? Is there anything you've consciously worked to improve? If so, how?
    I think my main weakness is animation, because I don't do enough of it :nuu: My strength is that I feel I can pull of a range of expressions. goodness, that sounds like a report :noes:
And I have worked to improve both my animation (which I'm still working to improve) and my shading - which I think has definitely improved with a little help from the community. :nod:   

Scared Krissi by Phlum:gun: revamp by PhlumZombie Emote :improvedmore: by Phlum

7. If you had to live for a day as an emote, would you hate yourself for the torture and abuse you put them through?
  I haven't (yet) :plotting: Though I did do that Doom thing with Flump...
If I was an emote of somebody who does torture their emotes, I would find a rather large weapon from a previous deviation and attack their gallery with it. :evillaugh:  

SanguineEpitaph Glomp by Phlum

8. What do you think is the most fun part when you make emotes?
   The satisfying bit at the end when you look at your emote and it has turned out wonderfully. :happycry:  

:jawdrop: v2 by Phlum

9. How long does a simple/complex or animated/still piece take?
Depends on how much detail it has. If I'm hand-shading it, it could take anywhere between 10 minutes to half an hour. More complex emotes...I haven't really delved into yet. :shifty:

Toaster by Phlum

10. If you had to convince someone to become an emoticonist, what would you say?
    Give it a go and see what happens. If you're good, you'll get better. If you're bad, you'll get good. And you'll meet some of the most wonderful artists.  

Flump's cat by Phlum

11. What are the things that you don't like about the Emoticon Community and what things would you change if you had the power to do it?
    I've noticed there are a lot of emoticonists who have either drifted away from the artform or simply left deviantART altogether. I would probably reverse all that - but, in the end, it is their choice and they're leaving behind something brilliant. :shakefist:   

Phluff and Kat by Phlum

12. Do you think the popularity of an emoticon depends on its idea or just how pretty/shiny/bouncy it is?
  The more original, the better, I say. If your technique is good too, that's an added bonus that makes it all the better. :happybounce:
Also, bouncy things are awesome.   

Emote Pageant round 2 entry by Phlum

13. If there was one person (on dA) who you could watch (educationally, of course) as they work without them knowing, who would you pick?
   I would pick Indae because I love her shading. :iconlovesqueeplz:  

Ninja Kitty by Phlum

14. What would you say to those people who argue that emoticons are not art?
   I would say, look at this… or this… and THEN tell me they're not art. :stinkeye:   

Another cone of wonder by Phlum

15. Which emoticon in your gallery is your best work? Why?
  My personal favourite is… it was made because of something trivial yet thoroughly amusing. Also, there is a cone involved and I think I drew it pretty well. And it was made for a dear friend of mine, conniekidd. :heart:    

Zombie Emote by Phlum

16. What emote do you wish you could use in real life?
I have yet to work out how to do that in real life, actually. :giggle:   

Boo by Phlum

17. Was there ever a point in your emote making where you went on hiatus? If so, what brought you back?
Nope. I can see me doing that at some point, maybe due to college which I am starting very soon :iconwoooplz:   

Phluff by Phlum

18. What do you like most about the emoticon community?
  That we can get to know each other very quickly, if only by a simple emote posted on a fellow emoticonist's page. I've found the most effective method is to talk on Skype, as well.      

Emoticonists Support Stamp by Phlum

19. Which emoticon group do you use most? / Support most?
    Emoticiety, because it seems to be something of a "hub" for emoticonists. I also support Emotication because it's all about making people betterer at emoting. :dummy:

Birthday Collab by Phlum

20. In the past decade we've gone from plain text colons and parentheses to intricately designed graphics. Where do you think emotes will be 10 years from now?
   Not far. They'll stay intricately designed. We'll just have a better animation file than GIF, which lets us have more colours.
Like APNG, which is being implemented into mainsteam use as we speak! :eager:    

Anything else you want to say?
I hope it's been an interesting read...


Thank you very much for reading! :heart:

"See" you next time ;D

and now a huge thanks to the deviants who suggested these Questions to me:  :huggle:

1.Mirz123, 2.EastSideSunsets, 3.angelStained, 4.SanguineEpitaph,  5.litecrush, 5.DKayCrafts,  
6.dirtypaintbrush,  7.stuck-in-suburbia, 8.IceXDragon, 9.eon-krate32, 10.TheGroovyMurphy,
11. / ,    12.stuck-in-suburbia, 13.stuck-in-suburbia, 14.KatataEtc, 15.KinnisonArc,
16.SparklyDest,  17.litecrush, 18.Indae, 19.Indae, 20.dirtypaintbrush

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