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February 24, 2013


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Emoticon Features

Sun Feb 24, 2013, 6:26 AM
I will contact the deviants soon, who will receive something from the last Journal :icondummywooplz:

Yee-haw! . . . I'll catch ya . . . by TanteTabata  7up by Kath602  Opposites contest by Sylvaur Sun and Moon by stickfigures123 ee-motes by BenediktXVII Opposites Collection by Kohaku0827 :pain by Gomotes  Princess Sisters Emote by PrincessCherry-san  Happy Valentine's Day Emote (Your Mine) by Strawberrie-Latte Boxing Emoticons!! by CoreyPies  Editor Tard by tatasz  AAAAH!! by Truucey   :thumb353411313: :waves: by DragonCodex   Boing by YumeBabu-chan  Pokes by MrgwDarkBoshy789

  WeEmote chat round up (23-2-13)Chat Event
Each month BlissfullySarcastic and I host a fun emote themed chat event in the Official CR Emoticon Chatroom #WeEmote. This news article is a summary of the challenges which took place in our 6th Chat event on 23rd Feb 2013.
During the event we had three challenges. The first was an emoticon themed trivia session focussed on hunting out emotes from the emoticon legend and a few emoticon community facts. This was followed by a non-digital emote contest before the event was then rounded off with a pixel emote challenge.
Emoticon Trivia
During this quiz, we had 21 questions lined up. These questions covered a wide range of topics and focussed on hunting out creators, number and dates rather than relying on previous emote knowledge.
1. What colour is the emote in the :popcorn: emoticon from the Emoticon Legend?
  It's Coming......The epic rebirth of an epic emoticon contest will be coming soon this May...
It. Will. Be.
There will be about 6000:points: in prizes!:la: Help donate at my IceXDragon-Alt account.:)
  Emoticon Awards Voting - Extended:iconupdatedsignplz: At the request of several people, and to allow as many people the opportunity as possible, we have decided to extend the voting period for one week.  The new voting deadline is March 14, 2013.
:pointr: Kindly note there was also some questions as to some of the deviants listed in the newcomer category and the fact that their first emote was created in late 2012.  Due to the fact that the Emote Awards had an erratic timeframe before now (an uncertain date from December to December), we allowed those additional 2 nominations as they would have been in a window where they would have been excluded. Now that we have moved to a Jan 1 - Dec 31 timeframe, that should not be a problem in the future.
:spotlight-left: We'd like to welcome everyone to the 2012 Emote Awards. :spotlight-right:
First of all, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to make nominations. We were staggered at the number of people who participated!  Now, before w
BounceEmotes Icon ContestIt's time for another contest!
This one's a bit different from the ones we've had in the past.
The goal is to design anything relating to BounceEmotes, and the best submission will be used as the icon for the group until the next icon contest.
Here are the rules:
Entries can be
•Static or animated
•Exactly 100x50
•Smaller than 30 kb
•Submitted anytime between now and February 28 at midnight GST, this should give you plenty of time.
Just post a link to your entry (one per person) as a comment on the "BounceEmotes Icon Contest" blog!
And, most of all, have fun with it! Entries will be posted as they appear, see below for entries and prizes.
1st Prize: 3 month premium membership and icon feature
2nd Prize: 200 points
3rd Prize: 100 points
February EMTC! + 18 Entries! + CLOSED!:w00t: Lots of great entries!  Let the judging commence! :w00t:

So, it's February again. The month of cupid, hearts, and single people rebelling against the materialistic importance put on Valentine's Day. I will let someone else host a contest with that theme. :D Me, I want to see darker pieces for this month. :evillaugh: Now, this doesn't mean I want to see a bunch of emos lamenting about the sad state of their miserable lifes, although
those are completely acceptable. :eyes: The theme, however, is much broader than that. This term is used to describe a form of architecture, a sub group of Germany, Medieval times, a romantic horror genre of fiction, as well as things relating to the macabre and grotesque. :devilish: Show me some goth! :eager:
Definition for Gothic found here:
:bulletred: Only new submissions for this. The emote must be submitted after th
Movie-motes Contest Closed! Watch for Announcement3/31/2013 - Six entries! =) Keep in mind, any emoticon deviations with a movie theme can be submitted to the folder after the winners are announced. I'll post a Journal tomorrow with the Movie-mote winners and a new contest folder for April. Thanks everybody! =D
3/19/2013 - 11 more days to submit your Movie Themed Emote (Movie-mote!) for the current contest!
Don't forget the Contest folders become Open Submission Folders after the month ends. That allows for older as well as newer submissions to the group for that theme, so if you have any dA avatars for groups or individuals that contain emotes, show them off in the Avvie-mote folder.
3/15/2013 - Moved intro stuff to Admin box. A new Journal will be posted for each subsequent month.
February: =)
Avvie-motes winners are -
Runner-up Krissi001 wins a 1 month subscription!
Winner BenediktXVII wins a 3 month subscription!
Both entries are now in the Featured Folder! :clap:
March: :eager:
Avvie-motes is now an
Emote Heaven Contest #02Hiya, everyone, founder DigitalPear here!
The admins and I decided on a new contest theme, and hopefully it'll be more popular then contest #01. :la:
The theme is... :whisper:
Pair of scissors! :dummy:
RULES! :noes::megaphone:
:bulletred: The entry should be at least 1 emote, static or animated.
:bulletred: You have to NOTE me with an entry linked with the :star: emoticon in the note, just so I know you read the rules. Also, you have to join the group to take part.
:bulletred: The entry should be submitted by 15th of march, while the following day, the winners will be announced, in the EH contest entries folder.
:bulletred: It has to be new work, submitted AFTER this contest was created.
[Trophy] 1st: 200 [Points], a feature on 3 accounts, (EmoteHeaven, EmoteHeavenDonations, and DigitalPear) a +watch and 3 +favs.
[Trophy] 2nd: 1

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