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February 2, 2013
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Deviousness Award

Sat Feb 2, 2013, 12:40 PM
This is totally insane, I don't know what to say. :faint: remake by arrioch
I never ever thought that I would get one. I thought I was dreaming when I read that I am the recipient of this month's deviousness award. :lol:
I don't think that I did enough to deserve this Award, but it certainly makes me want to do much more now.
I already have a few plans for the Emoticon appreciation day and something with critiques/comments. Woooo emote version by Sinister-Starfeesh

Something that I won't do is to drop tons of names, I don't want that anybody feels left out and I don't want that they think I am not thankful for what they have done. Um by LittleAlienGirl
So my thanks goes out to the whole Emoticon Community (present and past) and my friends of course :heart:
I hope I won't/didn't disappoint you. :forcehug: by darkmoon3636

You might think that my message center is full, but it's not, currently I have 0 messages :happybounce:
(at the time I am writing this, I am sure that I will have some when I submitted the Journal :P)
Do you have any questions for me?

Do you want a Critique for your Emoticon?

Do you want to get a Christmas Card this year?

BounceEmotes Icon ContestIt's time for another contest!
This one's a bit different from the ones we've had in the past.
The goal is to design anything relating to BounceEmotes, and the best submission will be used as the icon for the group until the next icon contest.
Here are the rules:
Entries can be
•Static or animated
•Exactly 100x50
•Smaller than 30 kb
•Submitted anytime between now and February 28 at midnight GST, this should give you plenty of time.
Just post a link to your entry (one per person) as a comment on the "BounceEmotes Icon Contest" blog!
And, most of all, have fun with it! Entries will be posted as they appear, see below for entries and prizes.
1st Prize: 3 month premium membership and icon feature
2nd Prize: 200 points
3rd Prize: 100 points
February EMTC! + 18 Entries! + CLOSED!:w00t: Lots of great entries!  Let the judging commence! :w00t:

So, it's February again. The month of cupid, hearts, and single people rebelling against the materialistic importance put on Valentine's Day. I will let someone else host a contest with that theme. :D Me, I want to see darker pieces for this month. :evillaugh: Now, this doesn't mean I want to see a bunch of emos lamenting about the sad state of their miserable lifes, although
those are completely acceptable. :eyes: The theme, however, is much broader than that. This term is used to describe a form of architecture, a sub group of Germany, Medieval times, a romantic horror genre of fiction, as well as things relating to the macabre and grotesque. :devilish: Show me some goth! :eager:
Definition for Gothic found here:
:bulletred: Only new submissions for this. The emote must be submitted after th

Opposites Contest! CLOSED! 16 Entries!The contest is now over! Winners will be announced soon.;)
Hey guys!, IceXDragon here running another contest for EmoticonOpus!
This time the theme is... Opposites!:dummy: Interpret however you like! Possibly the conflicting weathers, good vs. evil, water and fire, ANYTHING! Maybe even a mixture of some opposites, who knows?:eyes:
Rules and Guides
Your entry MUST include at least one (1) emote inside of it(kinda the point really).
You may make up to three (3) entries.
Your entry may be static or animated.
Your entry must be a GIF. or a PNG. NO JPG. PSD. etc.
Your entry must relate to the theme somehow.
In the artist comments of your entry you must state that it was made for this contest, and how your entry relates to the theme if it's not completely obvious.
The entry must have been created on or after February 2nd, 2013(the contest starting date).
Please s
Glitter Glomp Emote - Contestedit:
There are only a few hours left, so it's really time to hurry now :la:
A while ago i realized that there is no glitter glomp emote - or i haven't found it yet. And a GinkySparklyPants-Fairy needs such an emote. Yes she does!
So here we go with an emote contes, as fairy is lazy and not skilled enough to create that on her own.
- no usage of existing emotes (like those you haven't created on your own, exept optional rule)
- entries should have been created for this contest only
- must have glitter, sparkles or anything like that
- emotes should be normal size (it may be be used as a plz later as well)
- you can enter as often as you want (but you can win only once)
- it should be animated
- have fun!
optional: include my OC.
:bulletgreen: Winner
- 800 Points Winner
- personal journal skin OR gallery skin
- feature by ginkgografix, Eitvys200, 21stUser, Astrikos
:bulletgreen: 2  R

Are You Super...? -- WINNERS!!!Bad Mirz. Bad, bad, Mirz.
This is GROSSLY late, and  I apologize for making all of you lovely emoticonists wait to see who the winners are.  I would give excuses of how I was sick and how the universe conspired against me, but you've all heard that before. ;P
Okay, to see all the entries and the prize list, click the thumb below.

:bulletred: So, now, without further ado...
Third Place
by BenediktXVII
Second Place
by a-kid-at-heart
First Place
by BassMessiah
:heart: Congrats to all the winners! We'll be contacting you soon about your prizes. :heart:
Ravenswd and I refrained from commenting on the pieces during judging, but we'll be stopping by each entry soon to say hi and comment.
Januamber EMTC Winners!:faint: So many good was hard to only pick one. So, without further ado....
:bulletred: :spotlight-left: FIRST PLACE :spotlight-right: :bulletred:

by Mirz123
:bulletblue: :winner: Honorable Mention :winner: :bulletblue:

by sackofsquan
:bulletpink: Close Contenders [Bullet; Pink]

To see all the entries, just click here.
And just a reminder, the winner and honorable mention will be judges for next month's challenge, and unable to enter the contest. Well, unable to win at least. :D
Since I can never remember what I offered to what contest, I figured I would include all the amazing prizes here so those of you who offered something don't have to search and see what you may have decided to give. Thank you to all of those w

Month of PLZ fun hosted by PlzCatalog! (Closed)Closed! Wait for winners announcement soon.
Last chance to enter! Hurry up! :eager:
Hello and welcome to the month of PLZ fun, hosted by PlzCatalog, which includes 3 different activities for you to take part in. :happybounce:
Create a PLZ contest
This contest is the same as we did previously ( Basically you just need to create a new PLZ account. :la:
:bulletred: Submissions deadline 2013-02-28
:bulletyellow: Credit is required, if you use another person's works.
:bulletblue: You need to write your name on the PLZ account's profile, to verify that you are creator of it.
:bulletgreen: Unlimited entries are allowed.
:bulletblack: Dividers and others PLZs from many accounts are considered as one entry.
:bulletwhite: PLZ account must be created after this journal entry has been posted. (no entries with PLZ accounts, that were created before)
:bulletpurple: Anyone can join that means any type of member (CVs,

:omfg: :faint:
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The-Golden-Knight Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
Well, congratulations on being put onto the map! I'd long for a shot at the award myself, but I don't draw decently to save my life, and I'm not exactly engrained in the "community" like putting up contests or things like that.
Krissi001 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
Quolia Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I was sick and missed something so awesome :nuu:

Congrats, dear! Well deserved! :love: :tighthug: :heart:
Krissi001 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
Thank you so much :heart:
KTthekitten Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Student Artist
Congratulations, sweetie! :iconslowhugplz:
Krissi001 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
Thank you :heart:
marwa15 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Congrats dear u really deserve that :hug:
Krissi001 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
thanks :hug:
marwa15 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
ur most welcome dear :cuddle:
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