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Sat Jan 12, 2013, 5:36 AM

Glitter Glomp Emote - Contestedit:
There are only a few hours left, so it's really time to hurry now :la:
A while ago i realized that there is no glitter glomp emote - or i haven't found it yet. And a GinkySparklyPants-Fairy needs such an emote. Yes she does!
So here we go with an emote contes, as fairy is lazy and not skilled enough to create that on her own.
- no usage of existing emotes (like those you haven't created on your own, exept optional rule)
- entries should have been created for this contest only
- must have glitter, sparkles or anything like that
- emotes should be normal size (it may be be used as a plz later as well)
- you can enter as often as you want (but you can win only once)
- it should be animated
- have fun!
optional: include my OC.
:bulletgreen: Winner
- 800 Points Winner
- personal journal skin OR gallery skin
- feature by ginkgografix, Eitvys200, 21stUser, Astrikos
:bulletgreen: 2  R

Deadline: 13th February 2013 (CET / GMT+ 1);

Are you...Super? - CLOSED!:happybounce: All entries through now will be accepted, but nothing further.  Judging will commence and we will announce winners in the next few days.  Good luck everyone!
With the holidays winding down and people trying to get back on track (including me), it's been hard to get entries done for various contests. So, at the request of a couple of people, I am extending the deadline for the Opus by 1-week.  The new deadline is:
:bulletred: Deadline is January 18, 2013 at 11:59 pm CST (-6 GMT) :bulletred:
So, now let's see more entries!!!
I hope you are, because that's the theme of the newest Opus contest.  Not just super, but SUPER-HEROES!  You know the type, cape blowing in the wind, beating up the bad guys, saving the day.  Your challenge is to create the best emotion piece featuring a superhero.  It can be an original hero or a known hero (like Batman or Ironman).  Your piece can include a villain, but it must have one superhero.  Though, it's up to you if the hero is m

Deadline: January 18, 2013 at 11:59 pm CST (-6 GMT)

Januamber EMTC + 20 Entries! + CLOSED!:happybounce: FINALLY!  After two months, this EMTC is closed.  Judging and new theme shall take place in the near future. :happybounce:

MYTHS! MYTHOLOGY! I love these things. Stories of EPIC proportion! :eager: So, for this month of yuletide and good tidings, I challenge you to create pieces that somehow deal with the word myth. :eyes: Whether you go with some Greek gods, a spin on King Arthur's tale, or some other interpretation of the theme (think outside the box, people!), I want to see epic pixels here! :eager:
:bulletred: Only new submissions for this. The emote must be submitted after the theme has been announced.
:bulletred: You can enter as many times as you want.
:bulletred: Please include a brief explanation to the theme, if it isn't already completely obvious in the deviation.
:bulletred: Please submit your piece in the form of a .png or a .gif.
:bulletred: The piece must

Deadline: January 30th, 2013, midnight EST.

BounceEmotes Icon ContestIt's time for another contest!
This one's a bit different from the ones we've had in the past.
The goal is to design anything relating to BounceEmotes, and the best submission will be used as the icon for the group until the next icon contest.
Here are the rules:
Entries can be
•Static or animated
•Exactly 100x50
•Smaller than 30 kb
•Submitted anytime between now and February 28 at midnight GST, this should give you plenty of time.
Just post a link to your entry (one per person) as a comment on the "BounceEmotes Icon Contest" blog!
And, most of all, have fun with it! Entries will be posted as they appear, see below for entries and prizes.
1st Prize: 3 month premium membership and icon feature
2nd Prize: 200 points
3rd Prize: 100 points

Deadline: February 28 at midnight GST


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