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July 13, 2013
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Training by Krissi001 Training by Krissi001
At first I just had the main "construction", but it looked too empty so I added the rest of the construction, it was still too empty so I added the sand and the grass, I thought this was too boring so I added some water. This gave me the opportunity to test a water effect, any critique for the water animation is appreciated. :dummy:

It also my entry for the Twisty-motes Contest that's where I got the idea from in the first place. :boogie:

And since it has something blue in it, it will also be my entry for the July-EMTC - theme:blue :dummy:
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That water effect is so perfect, you done a great job with making everything loop together also! :clap:
thank you so much :heart: :happybounce:
guitarcraze Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The water animation is really awesome, probably the best I have ever seen done in pixels. Though I do have to agree with =Wooded-Wolf on the timing of it.

Aside from that you've been doing a super job with the grass. I love how the colors in your artwork have become subtle, not too bright. And you use a lot of them so it's never boring. The shading is also top notch for just about everything you make. Keep up the amazing work. :)
I will work on it when the contest has ended and when the winners have been announced. :boogie:
Thank you very much! :tighthug:
guitarcraze Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sounds good.
And you're welcome. :)
This is just so fabulous...I dunno what else to say xD.
BassMessiah Jul 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This looks great, but is it just me, or is the jumping one looking a little bit mischievous when he bounces on blue? :dummy:
Furthermore, relating to your text, that kept adding details to the image just makes it more awesome, it is really fun to keep watching and notice one fine detail after another. For example it didn't notice you even thought of the grass when orange(?) is turning around the pole, quiet amazing :)

Since i have tried to animate water once before (you didn't know? Yeah, because i keep my failures secret :la:) i admit that you did a reeeeally good job :)
*sorry for switching to german, can't explain that good in english * Da du nach Kritik gefragt hast, ich finde im Moment sieht es eher danach aus, als würde eine Welle über die nächste brausen, vielleicht wäre es besser, wenn der Schaum im Blickfeld bleibt und sich der Wellenbewegung nach vor uns zurück bewegt? Und vielleicht hilft eine zweite Animationsschleife für das Wasser, in der ein paar Formen anders sind, es eher nach einer Flüssigkeit aussehen zu lassen? Wie gesagt, meine Erfahrungen auf dem Gebiet haben noch zu nichts geführt, aber eventuell hilft es ja doch :P

And by the way, i adore the way the blue one smiles, looks so adorable stupid :D
he looks a bit evil when he jumps on him :nod:  I am glad you noticed it!
Thank you very much!

Ich werde nach dem Contest nochmal daran arbeiten! Danke für die vorschläge! :boogie:
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