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March 24, 2013
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Their-job - vampire by Krissi001 Their-job - vampire by Krissi001
My entry for the EMTC- theme: Jobs :dummy:
it's a vampire :nuu:

Frames: 211

March EMTC! + 6 Entries! + 1 week left!Did this once already, but stash lost all the new stuff I added. :faint: To recap, I have been uber busy with moving, losing net, unpacking, and being locked from my account.  There are some amazing prizes.  Thank you for the votes for Best Group. :heart:

So this month, fingers crossed :fingerscrossed:, my job is going to be getting all of my stuff moved into our new house, organizing and putting stuff away, and just learning to deal with two to three times as much space as I have ever had since being married. :p With no pay. :grump: But whatevs.  I have decided, to help keep me distracted from this very adult task, I want to see emotes doing jobs that are much cooler than mine.  Perhaps your emote will work in a office....or make video games.  Or maybe he/she is in a video game, with a really cool job ranger...or vampire :eyes:...or something. :giggle: The options are pretty numerous.  Amuse and distr

reference: [link]

And take a look at this:
Emoticon Gallery Makeover DiscussionGallery Makeover Project
The focus of this journal is to provide a discussion platform about the Gallery Makeover Project for the emote community. This is not the official journal for the emote community, but in the absence of one, does allow us to talk about possible changes. All thoughts and opinions will then be available for the the official Gallery Makeover team to hear the community's views and make final decisions.
Before we dive into the list of suggestions we have so far, I want to give a brief explanation of the project's aims. The main purpose is to simplify the gallery structure by removing and merging categories that are no longer used by the community. It also includes also renaming categories to help reduce confusion and make the whole submission process easier for all.
In addition, it
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Oh Noes!
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You really love vampires ,Don't you ?
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